Quality Assurance

The quality and safety of your foods is of utmost importance. Captain’s Fine Foods operates a HACCP approved
plant under the watchful eye of the United States Department of Commerce voluntary inspection program. We undergo annual third party audits to ensure ongoing HACCP compliance.

Captain’s Fine Foods has been certified by NSF International to SQF Level 2.

If asked for more information about your products, would you be able to tell where the ingredients came from and when they were sourced or produced? All Captain’s Fine Foods products are fully traceable.

                                         U.S. Grade A


Our fishermen sustainably harvest shrimp for you and your family to enjoy Wild American Shrimp for years to come.  The fishermen use turtle excluder devices to be sure that large animals, such as sea turtles and sharks can swim out of the shrimp nets.  Our fishermen also use bycatch reduction devices to minimize accidental capture of fish and crabs.  To learn more about sustainable fisheries, please visit http://www.fishwatch.gov/.

At Captain’s Fine Foods, we can tell you where our seafood came from and when it was harvested or produced. All Captain’s Fine Foods products are fully traceable.   A trip ticket is required for every harvest stating where the seafood was caught, time fished and amount harvested.   Thank you for enjoying our Wild-caught American Shrimp and supporting local seafood communities.

To view our Fisheries Improvement Program, click here: FIP